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Applied Data systems Ltd, A closely held limited company estabilished in 1985 by a team of first generation technical entraprenurs from Anna University .

We are the first company in India to have the Wire Bonding facility to manufacture CHIP ON BOARD (COB) products meant for the following products.

1. Religious Mantra chanting boxes
2. Automobile reverse horns
3. Electronic Door bells
4. Musical Greeting cards
5. Digital watches
6. Quartz clock modules
7. Calculator
8. Sirens for all applications
9. Electronic Toys
10.Lift announcements.

In the beginning we were using standard IC chips which were available in Taiwan and HK and was producing huge quantities of the modules for the above products.Our production capacity for such modules is monthly 4 lakh pieces.

We were supplying these standard modules to all leading manufacturers like Archies for greeting cards,Leo  and Funskool for toys,Anchor for Door bells ,OTIS and ECE for Lifts and other door bell manufacturers and chanting boxes.

For the last five years our focus is towards developing custom designed voice and melody chips for the above applications.We are the first to develop such custom made Indian melodies chips and voice chips and still leaders in this field.

Our popular tunes like Vande mataram,Sare jahase acha,Airtel and all regional cine songs for reverse horns and door bells made us the leader in this field.Till that time, only western tunes like Happy birthday,jingle bells and merry Christmas were used for such applications and we changed that trend and made a big impact in this market.

Then in the religious product segment we did a exclusive recording with S.P.Balasubramanian  and released different types of Hindu mantras in Chanting Boxes.we are the only company who has copy right for his voice for this applications.And also we obtained copy right for Full duration chanting of Suprabatham,vishnu sahasra namam,Linkastakam,Mahisasura mardhini and Kanda sasti kavasam by priya sisters and released a real high end chanting box with  16 BIT DSP processor and 64MB masked ROM.


Our Main Strengths Are :

  • Developing The Programme For Any Custom Made Applications Of Voice/Melody.

  • Editing The Source Waves And Midis .

  • Getting The Chips Imported In Short Period.

  • Making The Pcb Design According To The Customer Need.

  • Having The Automated Wirebonding Facility To Manufacture High Quality Cob.

  • Having Assembly Setup To Supply The Cob Modules.